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Updated: May 19

We want to mobilise the next generation of animal protectors by engaging kids of all ages in fun, safe, digital experiences that let them explore endangered animals in the palm of their hand. Building a collection of artefact cards and discovering animals on the brink of extinction, players can get involved with the conservation of these animals and their habitats. 70% of all profits, from the game and merchandise sales, are donated to well-respected conservation organisations.

Our profits are shared equally between our four core beneficiaries:

IUCN: International Union for the Conservation of Nature. This global non-profit organisation is responsible for the studies that define whether a species is endangered. You can read more about them here

OAUK - Orangutan Appeal UK supports orphaned orangutans rescued from the illegal pet trade and logging activities in Borneo's rainforests. Read about how they help here

RSPB - the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has been 'giving nature a home' since 1889. Working to protect wilderness areas for the many species that rely on them. Read their take on why species matter here

WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature started out as World Wildlife Fund in 1961. WWF stand for a future where people and nature thrive. Read about their incredible activities here