• Extincts

Circular economy t-shirts

What if there was no waste? Circular economy means just that. Raw materials are shaped into a product, sold to the consumer who then returns the item when they have finished with it. That product is deconstructed and formed into another product, and so on and so on, forever and ever (and ever). That's what the Remill® trademark signifies, that your tee is made from recycled materials. Here at Extincts we are thrilled to work with Teemill to create our merchandise. We are proud that our products are 100% organic, natural, eco-friendly, animal-friendly, and planet-friendly. We are delighted there is no plastic in our packaging materials AND that all your Extincts t-shirts are 100% recyclable. Each product has a QR code on the label which leads you to instructions on how to return it, freepost, and receive £5 return credit towards your next item. What's not to love? P.S. you know that 70% of all our profits to to conservation organisations, so what's stopping you?